The Search for the Best Groovebox MP3

The Search for the Best Groovebox MP3

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Title The Search for the Best Groovebox
Duration 12:49
File Format mp3
Mime Type audio/mpeg
Bitrate 128 kbps
Size 17.6 MB
Views 60,168x
Uploaded on 19 Oktober 2020

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I recount my journey to find the best groovebox ever while becoming a part of the YouTube synth nerd community. I talk about my experiences with the Novation Circuit, the OP-1, the Korg Electribe 2, the Roland MC-101, the PO-33 KO, and the Model:Cycles, as well as exciting future of the groovebox and standalone music production station world.
Check out the Novation Circuit:
Check out the Korg Electribe 2:
Check out the Roland MC-101:

Edited by me and Ian Rohan:

I am aware that the title is pretty similar to the Knobs video about grooveboxes... I hadn't come across it until this video was already finished, and the focus is pretty different. His video is well worth a watch:

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