ETCHED 002 現夢 - Sakura Tsuruta / Urabandai, Japan MP3

ETCHED 002 現夢 - Sakura Tsuruta / Urabandai, Japan MP3

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Title ETCHED 002 現夢 - Sakura Tsuruta / Urabandai, Japan
Duration 46:10
File Format mp3
Mime Type audio/mpeg
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Uploaded on 16 November 2020

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ETCHED 002 現夢 - Sakura Tsuruta / Urabandai, Japan
“ETCHED” is an art project that delivers music videos which are deeply engraved in the viewer by combining the beautiful Japanese landscape with the music of domestic artists.


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002は、秋の裏磐梯にバークレー音楽院の音楽療法科および、Electronic Production & Design 科を首席で卒業し、近年では電子音楽とデジタルアート祭典’’MUTEK’’にも出演するなど注目の音楽家 SAKURA TSURUTAを招き撮影しました。


命を感じさせる紅葉に包まれた朝凪の湖に、SAKURA TSURUTAの音楽は時に優しく、時に鼓動を打つように響き渡りました。

北塩原村 商工観光課の方々中心に多くの地元の方のご協力を得てこの動画は撮影されました。感謝いたします。




このプロジェクトは、制作チームと賛同していただける企業 / 個人からの協力によって運営されています。

ETCHED 002 現夢 In a dreamy autumn... - Sakura Tsuruta / Urabandai, Japan

The file No.002 invited SAKURA TSURUTA, an electronic musician who graduated from the Music Therapy Department and the Electronic Production & Design Department of Berklee school of music at the top of her class. She has recently appeared in the electronic music and digital art festival “MUTEK” in Urabandai in the autumn leaves.

Urabandai, where we went to shoot, was devastated by the 1888 eruption of Mt. Bandai and became a desolate wilderness for decades.
As a result of the 1340 hectares of afforestation activities by people who wish for reconstruction, including Genmu Endo, it has become a place that has regained its current wonderful scenery.

The music of SAKURA TSURUTA echoed in the lake with morning calm, which was surrounded by autumn leaves that made us feel life, sometimes gentle and sometimes beating.

The title of 002 was decided as “現夢(Genmu)” with respect for the dreamlike scenery of Urabandai that appears early in the morning, the music that heals the heart, and Genmu Endo.
This video was shot with the cooperation of many locals, mainly from Kitashiobara-mura (Commerce and Tourism Division). Thank you very much to everybody who helped us.

The proceeds from playing this video will be returned to the artists and rights holders.
At the same time, by publishing the track list on our Spotify playlist, it is possible for users to enjoy music in all scenes of life such as walking, commuting, desk work, and during meals.
This will increase the return to the artist and will also support the music scene.

The creative team consists of freelancers and small businesses with speed and flexibility.

Our mission:
Convey the "sense" of a wonderful moment.
Support for creators who are indispensable for domestic cultural development.
Rediscovering domestic tourism.

This project is run in collaboration with the production team and companies/individuals who support our project.

LIVE : Sakura Tsuruta

Executive producer: Yuta Shimizu
Co-producer: Ryo Akamatsu

DOP: Rei Takaji
Cinematographer: CULTURE
Drone pilot: Hiroki Funatsu, Erinnu Nakagawa

Sound & Booth : 茅野音響
Sound Mastering: Sakura Tsuruta

Production Manager: Masahiro Tsuchiya
Production staff: Syuichi Kayano, Yusuke Miyauchi, Noriyuki Zushida

Fixer: Kazuhiro Akamatsu

Supported by:
Eild inc.
and,a ドローン事業部
株式会社 立川智宣
Pension rala
北塩原村 商工観光課

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中瀬沼 Lake Nakase numa
秋元湖 Lake Akimoto
曽原湖 Lake Sohara