[DIY Part 2] Building a MIDIbox SEQ v4+ (midiphy.com video tutorial) MP3

[DIY Part 2] Building a MIDIbox SEQ v4+ (midiphy.com video tutorial) MP3

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Title [DIY Part 2] Building a MIDIbox SEQ v4+ (midiphy.com video tutorial)
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Welcome to the second and final part of the video build tutorial of the new MIDIbox SEQ v4+!
1:54:48 make sure to install your light|shields BEFORE installing keycaps on the matias switches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mm_f3-k_1w
2:11:55 make sure you jumper J15_S on the wCore PCB to 3.3V before continuing with the build

This is a detailed step-by-step build video tutorial with additional notes, tips and tricks. While the SEQv4+ build is targeted towards intermediate DIYers, it is our firm belief, that everyone being able to hold a soldering iron with a fine soldering tip should have a fair chance of building it, therefore the detailed documentation.

Please refer to the above UPDATES/ERRATA and the below NOTES sections before starting building, in case some some errors did sneak into the video - thanks! :)

0. Overview and Introduction 00:00
1. JA PCB: Overview & SMT Capacitors 06:44
2. JA PCB: SMT Input Shift Register 08:05
3. JA PCB: SMT Output Shift Registers 09:41
4. JA PCB: SMT Resistor Network 11:30
5. JA PCB: THT Diodes 12:36
6. JA PCB: THT Resistors 13:43
7. JA PCB: Headers (Shrouded and MTA-100) 14:30
8. JA PCB: LED Matrices 18:16
9. JA PCB: MEC Switches with LEDs 21:33
10. JA PCB: Jogwheel Encoder 26:29
11. JA PCB: Installing the MEC Switchcaps 27:16
12. JA PCB: Building an IDC Connector ribbon cable 28:04
13. JA PCB: Testing the JA PCB with MIDIbox NG 29:54
14. Enc-Plate: Overview & THT Diodes 32:43
15. Enc-Plate: Thru-Board Headers 35:35
16. Enc-Plate: Encoders 37:21
17. LeMEC: RGB LED Handling, Bending, Soldering 41:22
18. LeMEC: Frontside Transistors 49:25
19. LeMEC: Backside Transistors 51:29
20. LeMEC: SMT Capacitors 55:38
21. LeMEC: BAT54 SMT Diodes 58:01
22. LeMEC: SMT Input Shift Registers 1:00:55
23. LeMEC: SMT Output Shift Registers 1:03:53
24. LeMEC: RH: SMT Gate Driver 1:08:36
25. LeMEC: RH: SMT Resistor Networks 1:10:02
26. LeMEC: SMT Resistors 1:11:40
27. LeMEC: THT Diodes 1:14:21
28. LeMEC: THT Resistors 1:16:34
29. LeMEC: THT Resistor Networks 1:19:16
30. LeMEC: Shrouded Headers 1:22:04
31. LeMEC: Thru Board Headers and Fastening Kit 1:25:12
32. LeMEC: Testing DIN Switch Function 1:30:54
33. LeMEC: Building & Testing JA Matrix LED Cable 1:36:40
34. LeMEC: RJ Resistors 1:41:03
35. LeMEC: SJ Resistors 1:46:33
36. LeMEC: Installing MEC Switches with LEDs 1:48:24
37. LeMEC: Testing MEC LEDs 1:54:14
38. LeMEC: Matias Switchcaps Installation 1:54:44
39. LeMEC: Matias Switch Installation 1:56:10
40. LeMEC: Testing Superflux LEDs 1:59:12
41. Displays: Building and attaching inverted OLED cables 2:00:27
42. Case: Installing the Core PCBs 2:07:03
43. RH Case: Installing the UI PCBs 2:15:43
44. LH Case: Installing the UI PCBs 2:29:33
45. Case: Installing Encoder Knobs 2:41:40
46. Final Steps: Installing MBSEQ and MBSEQ_HW.V4 Config 2:43:21
47. Final Steps: Installing the Beat LED 2:44:39
48. Final Steps: Closing the Case :-D 2:48:55



(no additional notes, yet)


Hope you enjoyed the build! :).
The UI kit is now available in the midiphy.com shop and the first batch of cases is being shipped to us by Hallik Engineering and should be ready for sale before the holiday season 2018! :)

Have fun!

Many greets and thanks for watching and listening!

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