106 - Ree.K - Far East Frequency - Mind Rewind 2 MP3

106 - Ree.K - Far East Frequency - Mind Rewind 2 MP3

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Title 106 - Ree.K - Far East Frequency - Mind Rewind 2
Duration 10:12
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Uploaded on 07 Maret 2016

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After the astonishing success of the previous issue, we decided to create another compilation for a good cause!

Mind Rewind features 20 tracks by some of the top artists of the scene, all of them new to CD. Much of the music played at parties in the early days circulated on digital audio tape and would not be released, only being heard at Goa-style events.
DAT Mafia Recordings was created to be able to have this compilation that features top tracks from these formative years of the psychedelic trance scene to be released properly and is a sub-label of DAT Records.

This release features tracks generously donated by the artists to raise money for the Goa-based charity MangoTreeGoa, and is printed in 1000 copies.

It features With stunning graphic design and a 12-page booklet featuring detailed notes about the music and the sessions behind them provided by the artists themselves.

01 Excess Head - Another Planet (Mix 5)
02 Astronomix - Sirkka
03 OOOD & MoonWeed - Spiral Expansion (Live @ Pagan, Tyssen Street Studios, London, NYE 1995-96)
04 Zerotonine - Morning Glory
05 Kaledoid - Anjuna (Twilight Mix)
06 Ree.K - Far East Frequency
07 Etnica - Intense Visitation
08 Underhead - WhirlRain of Water
09 MWNN - Moment Of Truth (Alternate Mix)
10 Total Eclipse - Toxic Caterpillar (Alternate Mix)

01 Total Eclipse - No Name
02 Byte 1 - Dive 1
03 Infinite Zen - Goa Generator (Live Mix)
04 Subcouds - Greenflow (Remix 1997)
05 Somaton - Nool Sonrg
06 33rd Rate Revolutionaries - Revolutionise (Mix 1)
07 RA - Static Distress
08 Tromesa - Nowina
09 Zerotonine - Superstring Material
10 The Infinity Project - Incandescence (Mix 2)


Atwork by: Ivan Paric - Richpa @ Neogoa Design.
CD labels by Johan Igleström - Fractals by: Abstructure.
Artwork assistants: Federico Draeke & Fabien Mars.
Text Revision by: Mark Ainley, Pavlos Avouris, Federico Draeke.
Mastered by: Colin Bennun @ The Stooodio, Bristol, UK.
Mastering assistant: Pavlos Avouris.
Illustrations kindly donated by: Nagual Creations and Takis Blacklight.

Official Release Date: 3rd December 2013

Tags: #goa trance #unreleased #vinyl only